Reason for this website

The purpose of this site is to bring attention to the efforts of John Scott to restore this 1913 Catboat. The boat was brought to John's attention in 2017 by a friend in  St John. For the past 20 years John has divided his time between Martha's Vineyard in the summer and  St. John  USVI in the winter. He is a carpenter and a builder. As a young adult, John spent 20 years as a commercial fisherman off the New England Coast. Together 20 years of marine experience combined with 20 years as a carpenter and builder explain how he is drawn to this project.

The Ships log details the difficult 2 year process of obtaining clear title while keeping the boat afloat. John now has clear title and the boat out of the water. 

John's goals for this site are to network with Catboat and other wooden boat enthsiasts for 2 reasons. First to identify the century long history of the boat, and second to get input from others who have undertaken boat restoration.

Thank you for your interest in this site and /comments/feedback is welcome.

Tradewinds Support team:

John C Scott Jr.

Patty Scott (John's sister)

Karl S Mann (John's Brother in law)


John Scott in  Vineyard Haven on his  18' Sanderling 1974 Little America.